Data driven Risk Prediction

Bioheaven is revolutionising the data driven risk prediction for diseases

We build the AI-powered Genomics Diagnostics tools to provide early diagnosis or risk predictions of diseases, providing timely intervention and the opportunity to prevent the disease

Precision Platforms and Data Analytics

By powering the health data for patients, we are systematics, biomarker discovery, diagnostics and healthcare solutions.

Vajra The OsteoAI

Powering Osteoporosis Predictions and Precision Health Care

We propose to use AI and Machine Learning based patient classification model that can be used in a clinical setup for early detection and classification of osteoporosis.

Bioheaven 360 Genotec Pvt. Ltd.

Bioheaven 360 Genotec Pvt. Ltd. is a Start-up India company DIPP19277 in health, environment and agriculture located in New Delhi, India founded on strong scientific principles of biotechnology.

Later part of the bygone twentieth century has witnessed a major revolution in the field of life-sciences. Researches carried out during this period, particularly in the area of molecular biology and recombinant technology, have led to emergence of 'Biotechnology' with a new face. Plants, animals and microorganisms being a key component of our ecosystem have always remained at centre-stage of research for different purposes as they affect the human life.

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